Wednesday, 3 June 2009

3/06/09 Results

03/06/2009 - RESULTS:
- Game 1: Andrew Murdoch.
- Game 2: Faolan Lidstone.
- Game 3: Josh Petit (Roofio.)
- Game 4: Tom Banks.
- Game 5: Tim Pilkington.

Well done to all the competitors, I'm looking forward to the next game on the 4th, hopefully as tense as this one was.

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Standardised Rules

Okay, here there are, the latest championship rules.

Standard Rules.
- Roofio must be played with a 'match-fit' Asda 'Shoot' ball. (Any colour may be used.)
- Before play, players must arrange a number of lives to start from. A life is lost everytime the ball is out.
- To constitute a play, the ball must bounce at least once on the tiled area of the West end of the Sixth Form Centre Roof.
- If a ball is bounced off stonework, brickwork or guttering, or any other part of the roof, before it bounces on the tiled part, it is out and the player loses one life.
- If a player bounces the ball over the roof or over the Vicarage fence, then he loses two lives.
- A 'Roofio' is scored when a player hits the ridge tiles of the roof. Scoring a 'Roofio' gives that player one extra life.
- Play continues until one player remains.

Roofio Etiquette.
-There is to be no deliberate obstruction of players - obstruction may result in penalty.
- Players who hit a ball over the roof, or the Vicarage fence are expected to retrieve it as soon as possible.
- Players generally wear a shirt sleeve order of school uniform although variants on this are welcomed.

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WTF is Roofio?

Roofio, has taken the county by storm. In my recent interview with the Journal I gave them the ins and outs of what is now a truely momentous sport for any school boy.

Roofio, what we know to day, was revived by Bradley "BB" Taylor, sure it's taken some modernisations from what it used to be ( they certainly weren't playing with Asda "shoot" footballs in the 19th century.) I think this has been for the better.

I first got into Roofio at the end of the 2008 season, purely by chance I might add, due to one teams partner being ill in a 8vs doubles match. But from that match I was hooked, following the scoreboards each week.

Roofio's origins seem to lie quite far in the past, with several references to a similar game found in archives extending quite a way back, being a notorious sport amongst prefects. One attempt to remove the fame from the Headmaster using the cane on anyone who was found playing. Fortunatly the boys played through, otherwise the game might not exist today.

Roofio is a truely King's School Sport played only by the Upper Sixth Form. Its current patron is Head Boy, Will Holley.

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